Release PR Offline (Cinematic)


Leonine Studios

January 11, 2024

After retiring from The Beekeepers, a covert elite organization, Adam Clay (Jason Statham) lives a solitary life caring for his bees. However, when his elderly neighbor is swindled out of her life savings with tragic consequences, Adam Clay is thrust back into action. Determined to seek justice for his neighbor, Clay uncovers a web of deadly scams orchestrated by a powerful organization preying on society’s most vulnerable. As he battles FBI agents, 21st century con artists and even his own replacement within The Beekeepers, Clay’s mission evolves into something larger: exposing a pervasive system of corruption that threatens society as a whole.

THE BEEKEEPER is directed by David Ayers (“Suicide Squad”), starring Jason Statham („The Expendables 4“), Josh Hutcherson („The Hunger Games: Mockingjay“), Minnie Driver („The Witcher“), Jeremy Irons („Zack Snyder’s Justice League“), and Phylicia Rashad („Creed III: Rocky’s Legacy“).