Alex Fiebig

Head of Online-PR & -Promotion / Social Media

gained his first experience in the film business as a child, working as a dubbing artist. After graduating from high school (Abitur) and doing his Civil Service, he completed a vocational training in audiovisual media sales with the film production company NFP. Subsequently, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a focus on marketing from the Berlin School of Economics and Law. During his three-year studies, he worked for the marketing agency Entertainment Kombinat; following his studies he continued to work there full-time as Project Manager for Online PR & Promotion. Alex Fiebig carried out the online publicity campaigns for films of various genres, both for German and for international distributors. Since February 2011, Alex Fiebig has been in charge of the Online PR & Promotion Department at AIM, in 2013 AIM – ONLINE PR & PROMOTION was founded.