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Universum Film

Cannes Film Festival 2014 / German Release: December 18, 2014

Tommy Lee Jones directs and stars with fellow Academy Award winners Hilary Swank and Meryl Streep in an epic drama set in the pioneer days. THE HOMESMAN celebrates its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival 2014.
Nebraska, 1854. Mary Bee Cuddy, 31, lives a solitary existence in a God-fearing frontier town. She is designated by members of her church to take back East three traumatized women who have lost their minds. On the way, Mary saves the life of Briggs, a deserter and outlaw, who agrees to help in her mission in return for $300 if they reach their destination safely. Through snowstorms and perilous encounters with settlers and Indians, the two loners grow closer until Mary proposes marriage. Whatever Briggs chooses—a beautiful wife or carefree drifting—for both of them, life can never be the same again…