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April 10, 2014

Romain Faubert lives alone. As he turns 40, he has no wife or children. His job – photographer for an online medical dictionary – does nothing to attenuate his acute hypochondria, which has for quite some time taken over his lifestyle, reducing him to a bundle of fears and neuroses. His one true friend is his general practitioner, Dr. Dimitri Zvenka, who long ago made the mistake of taking a liking to Romain, something he now bitterly regrets. The modern-day malade imaginaire is very high maintenance and Dimitri would give anything to be rid of him, once and for all. He thinks he has found the cure, one which will gently push Romain Faubert out of his life forever – all he needs to do is to help him find the woman of his dreams. He invites him to a party, signs him up for online dating, forces him to exercise, even coaches him on his behavior and technique with women. But finding that rare soul who not only can stand being with him but also help him overcome his hypochondria… that turns out to be even tougher than Dimitri thought.