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May 22, 2014 (Home Entertainment Release) / January 30, 2014 (Movie Release)

KILL YOUR DARLINGS was a critics and audience favorite at the Sundance Film Festival 2013 and was celebrated at the International Film Festivals of Venice and Toronto 2013.

KILL YOUR DARLINGS is the previously untold story of murder that brought together a young Allen Ginsberg (Radcliffe), Jack Kerouac (Huston) and William Burroughs (Foster) at Columbia University in 1944, providing the spark that would lead to their Beat Revolution. This is the true story of friendship and murder that led to the birth of an entire generation.

Ginsberg. Kerouac. Burroughs.
Today, the names are iconic, touchstones for a movement that rewrote the rules of American literature, laid the groundwork for seismic shifts in popular and youth culture, and made a collective sacrament of the pursuit of visionary ecstasy. They and their compatriots in the Beat Generation literally invented ―cool.
But before they were icons? They were kids.

Shot from a script by Krokidas and Austin Bunn, KILL YOUR DARLINGS features stunning turns from a sizzling young ensemble that includes Daniel Radcliffe (the Harry Potter series) as the young Allen Ginsberg, Jack Huston (―Boardwalk Empire) as Jack Kerouac, Ben Foster (―The Messenger) as William S. Burroughs, Dane DeHaan (―In Treatment) as Lucien Carr and Michael C. Hall (―Dexter) as David Kammerer. Rounded out by a supporting cast that includes Elizabeth Olsen (―Martha Macy May Marlene), Jennifer Jason Leigh (―Margot at the Wedding), Kyra Sedgwick (―The Closer) and David Cross (―Arrested Development), KILL YOUR DARLINGS delivers a picture of the nascent Beat Generation that we‘ve never seen before, and tells the true story of the emotional crucible that shaped a trio of literary geniuses.