Universal Pictures International Germany

September 7, 2017

AMERICAN MADE is based on the true story of Barry Seal – his job: CIA agent and drug runner. A humorous adventure full of corruption shows Tom Cruise in one of his best roles yet. Following “Edge of Tomorrow”, Director Doug Liman returns to the cinematic action movie field alongside Superstar Tom Cruise.

Badass pilot Barry (Tom Cruise) earns his money by flying passenger aircrafts. But his life takes an interesting turn when he is recruited by the CIA to support undercover missions in South America. Unfortunately for him, Barry does not only land work for the CIA but also decides to make some deals on his own which lead to dramatic outcomes as the CIA, FBI and the Columbian mob, incl. Pablo Escobar are hot on his heels. AMERICAN MADE shows the unbelievable story of one of the richest men in the US – so unbelievable that it simply has to be true.